Ford Scandal: Tip of the Iceberg

Ford Scandal: Tip of the Iceberg

After months of claims and trash talk of the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his so-called crack cocaine use, Ford has now admitted it to be true. Much of this uproar has been from the videos with proof of Ford smoking crack in police custody. His confession came as too-little-too-late for some, Ford admitting to lying and claiming that no one had been asking the right questions “No, I’m not an addict. And no, I do not do drugs. I made mistakes in the past and all I can do is apologize.”

The fact that he won’t resign is a big issue still for some. Toronto’s City Councilor John Fillion said, “I think the mayor needs to step aside and take stock of his life as this situation becomes more absurd.” Something many people agree with. After all the incidents of public drunkenness, months of drug use claims, and all he is ‘sorry’ for. He has lost staff over the controversy, been stripped of mayoral power and yet still claims he will run the city even by himself if he has to.

With all the attention his pending lawsuit has brought to Canada’s largest city, you can’t help but wonder what our federal and provincial governments are doing. From drug scandals to overspending allegations from three members of senate, Harper’s once trusted team of government has now started to crumble and the public is worried that there could be more hidden behind the scenes that we aren’t seeing. Are there more members of parliament overspending? Why hasn’t Harper punished them sooner? Why wont he addresses these allegations and not assured the public that this is the end of scandals in Canada’s parliament?

All we want is answers that we aren’t getting until its to late, from Ford and from Harper. Why has the senate failed us, anyway? And it isn’t costing them anything, just the taxpayers who help pay their nice fat checks every month?  So, why are we still keeping them in the senate, and why are our once beloved mayors now the root of controversies being dragged on for months at a time?

I will have a little more faith in my country’s government once I start hearing a few mia culpas.  Stop making the public suffer instead for the irresponsible actions of a few.  Lead this country, don’t bleed it.