Fashionable blogging


They are taking the world of fashion and beauty by storm with their tasteful (or sometimes shameful) blogs. They demonstrate their passion for fashion and personal style one post at a time. They have found a way to connect the average person with the high class world of haute couture. And they are not stopping any time soon.

The bloggers of today are starting to out-shadow magazines. More people are typing in the URL of their favourite blogger instead of flipping through their favourite glossy-paged book.  It has been proven that people are more likely to buy something after having tea about it on a blog tad opposed to seeing an ad. Fashion brands and houses are nothing this and have been taking full advantage.  Often brands will send a blogger their product on hopes that it will be feat waited on their blog. They will even pay bloggers simply to wear their clothing in an outfit post. Fashion bloggers are the best type of advertising a brand could possibly hope for.They are a walking, talking, blogging billboard.

Bloggers fulfil the role of a journalist, model, stylist and spokesperson all at once.  How you may ask? Well a successful blogger needs to be able to write good blog posts that will capture reader attention. Every blogger has her or his own style of blogging, one they know will for well with their readers. For some that’s being very proper and for others it’s all about quirky slang.  Usually bloggers will post pictures of their outfits and in that way they are a model. This also makes them a stylist of sorts because it shows people how they can wear certain pieces. That being said It takes way more then a camera and  good outfits to run a successful blog. Typically hours and hours go into planning each blog post. What’s new, hot and not already run to the ground by every other blogger out there?  They dish out their honest opinions on new collections, trends and brands to aid their readers.

With so many fashion blogs out there it’s really hard to stand out. Gaining attention is a  process of wrangling  the power of social media. Most bloggers will use every available social networking platform they can to garner as many readers possible. Once they have a decent amount of readers they can start making a profit via affiliate links and ads, I mean they have to get money for clothes somehow right? If you’re unfamiliar with the fashion blogger coommunity I’d suggest taking a look at the ones below.

My favourite fashion blogs