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2016-2017 Staff

Chayse Schneider

Contributing Writer

Chayse Schneider is sixteen years old and in grade eleven. Her favourite colour is red. She has two cats and two dogs. After she graduates she would like to become a lawyer. The furthest she has travelled...

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Megan Prah

Contributing Writer

Megan is a grade 12 student at KSS. While she is organizing clothing racks at Winners, she daydreams about travelling overseas to Europe, Asia, and Australia next year. After that, she plans on saying...

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Zainab Mohammed

Contributing Writer

Big-time procrastinator, yet persevering worker, Zainab Mohammad, is a grade 10 student who is new to Kelowna. Originally from Pakistan, Zainab moved to Canada along with her parents and two younger brothers...

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Emma Luciw

Contributing Writer

Emma is in grade 10, and attended KLO middle school last year. Her favourite colour is blue because it reminds her of the ocean, she only likes looking at it though, because she has a fear of it. She loves...

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Elana Wood

Contributing Writer

Elana Wood is an energetic grade ten student at Kelowna Secondary School. Elana loves to travel, her favourite countries that she has visited are Greece, Thailand, and Australia. She also loves backcountry...

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Cory De Roos

Contributing Writer

Cory De Roos is a very creative and outgoing person who really enjoys many of the different forms of art. Not only does he play three different instruments, including singing, he is also working for a...

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Reigan Allison

Contributing Writer

Reigan Allison is currently in grade 12 with the exception of being 16. She has the option of graduating a year early due to the fact that she took online courses while attending Central. This is her first...

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Charlotte Hardy

Contributing Writer

Charlotte Hardy is a sweet, driven student in tenth grade here at KSS. She was born and raised in Kelowna but has English roots passed on from her parents. Charlotte knows exactly what she wants after...

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Cayle Cuthbertson

Contributing Writer

    Cayle Cuthbertson was born in Fort St. John BC on may 12 1999. He has three brothers and one sister. Cayle moved to Kelowna this past summer. All his older siblings have moved out leaving him a...

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Mizuki Giffin

Contributing Writer

Mizuki is a 12 grade student from Kelowna. After she graduates she will study English and be a english teacher. She loves outdoor activities but she also loves to draw and to read. Her favorite book is...

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Thomas Bauer

Contributing Writer

Kelowna native, Thomas Bauer, is a grade twelve student with many different interests. After taking a Video Production class, Thomas chose to take journalism due to his passion in the field and ambition...

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Amanda Thode

Contributing Writer

Amanda is a grade 10 student at Kelowna Secondary School,  who previously attended Dr. Knox Middle School. She was born somewhere in Ontario (she can never remember where.) She likes the shade black because...

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Sofia loves to travel the world. She's an only child, who traveled all the way from Italy to come to Canada. She's an international student in grade 11. Her favourite show is Grey's Anatomy, so you wouldn't...

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Cami Hill

Contributing Writer

Cami “The Chameleon” Hill is the real-life equivalent of Michael Scott. If that doesn`t make sense to you,  let`s put it this way:  She is a walking, talking basket of colourful language and outb...

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Mikayla Banman


Mikayla Banman is an ambitious eleventh grade student. She was born in California and moved to Kelowna when she was 6. She loves Kelowna just as much as California though, only for different reasons. Her...

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Matthew Abrey


Matthew Abrey went to George Pringle Elementary, a French Immersion school, where he became fluent in French. He then attended KLO, and eventually KSS, continuing with the French Immersion program. The...

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Lauren Harrison


Lauren Harrison is an outgoing, optimistic tenth grade student at KSS. Her favourite pastime is reading, so it is no surprise that her favourite classes are English and Journalism! Lauren’s favourite...

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Kerighan Mooney


14 years old, moved from Kelowna from New Zealand at the age of 5 and has been here for over 10 years. Her older brother graduated from KSS last year and is now carrying on his "legacy". Kerighan joined...

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Jordan Trembley


Born and raised in Kelowna, Jordan Trembley is a future Harvey Specter (if you don’t know who that is, watch Suits). Though he aspires to become a criminal lawyer, he’s starting his career as a lifeguard....

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Jo is a paranoid grade 10 student. Not only she has weird fears such as driving and sweating in front of other people, but she also hate most of the things on this planet (travelling, trees, doing outdoor...

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Lenny Conradson


Lenny Ray Conradson, a KSS student is a very easy going person who loves cats. His fondness of cats is so strong, he can remember the last place he saw one was at his house; it was his own cat Patrick....

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Gabby Rodriguez


Gabby Isabell Rodriguez nicknamed "Spasian likes tigers", they’re her favorite animal and she once saw one at a zoo. Her favorite song is ‘Samson Lyrics’ by Regina Spektor. She thinks the world is...

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Emanoela Esteves Cabral


Emanoela (Emma) is a 16 year old student from Brazil who is in Kelowna for a full year of studying and exploring. Emma is enjoying her grade 11 experience at Kelowna Secondary School! She enjoys the nature...

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Devon Nagle


Devon is an ambitious young woman. In grade 12, she has her sights set on the University of Toronto, where she plans on getting a degree in International Affairs to become a Public Relations Officer in...

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Davide was born in Zurich (Switzerland ) on 18 August 1998. He moved to Kelowna eight years ago with his family, has a younger brother, and is graduating at the end of this year. He wants to become a chef...

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Damek Wasylyk


Damek Wasylyk was born in 2001, to a Ukrainian family. As a child, he was a very introverted Kelowna Christian School student, but then he started hanging out with cooler people, (read, his brother’s...

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Costanza Hippoliti


Costanza was born in Italy and she lives in Florence Italy. She was born on April 3rd, 1999.She is an exchange student to Canada and she is here for 10 months. She takes journalism, Physics, and Chemistry....

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Caitlin is a 15 year old girl that originally grew up in Vernon. Born on Nov 26th 2000 and when she was only 10 days old when she moved to Pemberton. Later on down the she moved to Kelowna at the age of...

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Emma Cox


Emma Cox moved to Kelowna from Nanaimo. She is in grade 12 at KSS and intends to go to the US next year for college. Passionate about traveling, Emma has already been to California, Mexico and explored...

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Luisa Werneck


Luisa was born in Brazil, an only child with a love for the Lion King and a talent for listening to others. Along side a passion for the Disney classic, like any teen music is one of her passions. More...

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Abby Preece


"And so what if my feathers are burning. I never asked for flight". Abby Preece is a grade 10 student born in Yukon, near Alaska, and came to Kelowna three and a half years ago. She used to study at...

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